Posted by: purestjoy | April 21, 2008

Well.  That was odd.

I was in bed, and I felt it shake and I thought to myself, “Okay. This is weird. This feels exactly like the earthquake on Friday”  except it didn’t last as long.    So I tried to fall asleep again, no such luck … so I get on the computer and go to the earthquake site … and sure enough, Illinois had a 4.5 quake around the same time I felt something.   Seeing as I don’t know a lot about earthquakes, I don’t know if this is still considered an aftershock or what … still, it’s just WEIRD feeling the earth move in a place where it doesn’t usually move.

And yes, I know I should have been asleep at 1:40 …and for that matter, I should be asleep now but apparently Diet Dr. Pepper has a lot of caffeine.  Who knew???




  1. Man, I miss everything. I knew sleeping was over-rated.

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