Posted by: purestjoy | May 9, 2008

Things I would like to clarify:

…..Karsten isn’t necessarily voting for McCain in the primaries.  He’s a Ron Paul guy all the way. I apparently mistook what he said.  

…..There are some things that I would not do, even if I thought of them.  (such as putting a booger on somebody!!!!)

…. Karsten is a very good brother, and he is not scared to play me Scrabble.  

…. I can’t remember what else I was supposed to clarify.     So if you need anything clarified, let me know, and I’ll clarify it.  



  1. how about this ? “Karsten has only played me Scrabble like twice in his life, I on the other hand spend all my time playing scrabble whether on facebook or with my roomies.” How’s that for starters ? 🙂

    Good grief, I sent your resume over to the National Enquirer offices, they should be contacting you tomorrow

  2. You played me more than twice! Remember Christmas in Oregon? I think it’s been at least four times! Oh, and I have never played with my roomies … and this causes me much depression … thanks for bringing up a sore spot!

    Why in the world would you send my resume to national enquirer!?

    Oh wait. I get it. I AM NOT THAT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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