Posted by: purestjoy | May 12, 2008

Car Issues

So, I have been having car issues. I blame this all on my good friend, Erica.    Why is this, you ask?  Well, let me tell you …. Go back with me in time, to May 2, 2008.   It was a Friday.    Okay, so it’s not like a huge leap, seeing as it was merely a week ago.


Erica was on her way to my house for the mini-marathon.  She lives a good five hours away, and I was expecting her to arrive around 9-ish, and around the same time, our friend Dianna.     Well, I receive a call from Erica.   “Katrina, I’m going to be about an hour later than planned … I’m at a gas station, and I locked my keys in the car”    She called AAA and they sent their best nose-picking guy to get her keys out.  (Seriously. The guy was using her mirror to pick his nose!!)     So I went ahead and got in my jammies and got comfortable, picking up a bit around the house, etc.   I got a call (Well, I actually missed the call, but I listened to the message) that she had just pulled off of the interstate and she should be arriving soon.   After like 25 minutes, she still hadn’t arrived. So I start to panic, I call. She doesn’t answer.   Come to find out, she was on the phone with …AAA.   The poor thing blew a tire ½ a mile from my house!!   So she called me, it’s going to be an hour before AAA arrives, could I come sit with her?  Seeing as while I don’t live in a bad area … the part where she was wasn’t the best area, I hopped in my car and I was there (Pajamas, Ereling’s old flannel shirt and all. I was stunning, let me tell you. 😉 )


 The time is now 11 pm and it’s going to be another hour before AAA arrives.   So while I’m sitting there, I’m thinking in my mind, “Man, if Ereling were still here .. he would be here in a minute – hey wait a minute!  I think Mark, one of the guys at church, who was friends with Ereling, just got home … surely he would help us out”   So I call him and thankfully he answers and he said sure he would come.   About 2 minutes later, a car pulls up behind us. It’s not Mark’s car.  We can tell there are two guys in it, but that’s about it.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s pouring down rain?   Well, it’s pouring down rain.   A minute passes.  Nobody gets out of the car. Another minute.  I am starting to panic.   It’s one thing to pull up and get out right away. But to just sit!?  I was certain that they were loading their guns and preparing the car for our abduction.  We start praying “Lord, send Mark quickly!!!!”  I try calling him again .. no answer.   Oh my word, the guys are getting out of the car .. “QUICK Lord!!”   and then I look as they get closer … Hallelujah.  It’s Eric & Steve, two other guys from church.  I don’t think I had ever been so relieved to see two familiar faces in my life!  Then Mark pulls up.   And then .. another truck pulls up, and Craig gets out.  So we’ve got my car, Erica’s car, Eric’s car, Mark’s car and Craig’s truck. It was quite the sight to behold.  Seeing as she was on a hill, in the middle of a  busy street, they had her drive very very very very slowly to the church parking lot, where they proceeded to change her tire–in the midst of POURING down rain.   All I can say is, thank the Lord for brothers in Christ! J


Now you’re wondering how I can blame my troubles on Erica. It’s very simple. Her bad luck rubbed off on me! 😉   Fast forward to this Friday.  That morning, I had been at my friend’s house, helping them bake the wedding cake for roomie’s wedding.  Okay .. so …I didn’t really bake…but I did wash a lot of dishes! 😉   So I leave their house around 12:30, and I notice a HUGE spot where my car had been. I see it, but I just think to myself, “Man I hope that’s an old spot from one of their cars”,  and I go on my merry way.   45 minutes later, Aaron calls .. “Um, are you aware that you have a huge oil leak”.  Dang it.   So after work, I go to pop my hood and as I’m opening it, I notice my hands are dripping with a dark fluid.  Not a good sign, I get the hood up … my oil cap is completely off and oil is everywhere.   Apparently, when I had my oil changed 3 weeks ago … they failed to put the cap back on.   So I call up my mom, who calls my brother in Oregon to find out what I should do .. and then I call him, and figure out that I probably shouldn’t drive my car, so I prepare to walk to the gas station just down the road from my work.   I grab my wallet, and my jacket … because did I mention that it’s pouring down rain?   Well, it’s pouring down rain.  So as I start to walk, there’s a nice gentleman who offered to look at it for me, and as I go to pop the hood, I have the sudden realization … I have locked my keys in my car.   The time is now 5:45 .. did I mention that I was supposed to be at church at 5:30 to help with the rehearsal dinner?   There is NO way I’m going to make it on time.   Thankfully, Mom lives close to work and has an extra set of keys.  (Oh, at this point also .. I’m back in my work building, think I see Mom’s car and go out and get 2 feet from it .. realize that the gentleman driving the car is NOT my mother … rather embarrassing)   So we get that all worked out, got more oil, put more oil in my car, I drive to rehearsal dinner, come back to Mom’s house and park my car until I can get it fixed on Monday, because Dad is afraid that I might do more damage if I drive around with oil everywhere (start a fire, etc)  Of course, I go out Sunday morning to go church with mom, I glance at my car… my left rear tire???  Completely flat.   


So I have spent the morning, first getting my tire fixed. Yay Discount Tire for free flat repairs! I went back to the place that did the oil change and they cleaned it off and filled me back up with oil.   (and I didn’t even have to take a big stick!)  They realized it was their fault and didn’t give me a hard time at all .. for which I was very thankful.  So moral of the story?   Well, there are several.  1)   When you get your oil changed, always check to make sure the cap is on. The thought had never even occurred to me before to do that. But now, you can bet your bottom teeth I will do that!   2)  Be part of a church where people are willing to help each other out, even when it’s dark and cold and pouring down rain!  3) I should really take a mechanics course or something because brothers and dad may not always be here to bail me out. 4)  Lift weights so I can actually pick up the tire to change it. 5)  Pray really hard that a friend’s bad ‘luck” doesn’t rub off on you … 😉  😉  😉  




  1. No Comment. 😦

  2. Hehe…well, I have to blame someone right! Though hopefully it all rubbed off on me and you’ve had no more bad luck!! 🙂

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