Posted by: purestjoy | May 16, 2008

I had a nice little post all written out, but I wasn’t finished with it so I merely saved it as “unpublished”.  And now I can’t find it.   *weeps bitter tears of lamenting*

But on a happy note, Daddy gets home today!   11 pm.  and we shall go and eat afterwards. (It’s tradition you know)   Sadly, as I get older, this tradition gets harder especially at the end of a hard week.   I’m getting old and stodgy!

Roomie L has moved in.  I’m pondering a name for her. I’m thinking Wilma, though I don’t know if she’s too keen on that.  I actually had her as Wilma and then Roomie N as Velma … but then I discovered, they are actually the same name!  Isn’t that weird?    I also thought “Trudie” but I think that might be a form of Gertrude and since we already have a Gertrude that just won’t do.

Btw, Prunella & Gweedle’s wedding was wonderful. 🙂 

I”ve been pondering different things lately (surprise surprise)  some not so deep, like I’ve discovered why I don’t like dancing!   I apparently greatly value my personal space.   Somebody gets in my personal space and it’s immediately so uncomfortable for me.    So I hate dancing like ballroom and stuff … but I love doing Irish dancing & country line … well I’ve never actually done country line dancing, but I think I would like it … if I could get over the names,like,  “boot-scoot boogie” 😉  

I’ve also been pondering how often I’m looking for the perfect “formula” for getting rid of something in my life, a habit or something that I don’t like .. that I know shouldn’t be there … So I look for books, etc … when honestly? on some things? It just has to be God.  And sometimes I get tired of completely relying on him (isn’t that awful?)  Because that takes effort and it sometimes doesn’t come easy at all … but … just God.  No amount of reading, no amount of singing a song 5 billion times … (though it helps)  it’s just God.  




  1. There is always Elsie. It is a great name.

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