Posted by: purestjoy | May 23, 2008

Jessica’s Wedding Attendant Questions



1. Have you been an attendant in a wedding? How many times? What was your title (maid of honor vs. bridesmaid, or best man vs. groomsman, or flower girl/ring bearer, I guess)? Who was it for?
Well.   I think six. I have a feeling I’m leaving a wedding out though. I was a flower girl for my cousin’s wedding, flower girl for my sister’s, bridesmaid for my friend Paula’s,  maid of honor for my friend Crystal’s, bridesmaid for Deborah,  maid of honor for my friend Julia’s. 

 2. What did you have to wear? Did you like it?
I’ve been blessed in that I loved (pretty much) all the dresses that I wore. In my cousin’s wedding, it was a long lavender dress that my mom made. In my sister’s it was a dark red/maroon silky thing that my mom made. For Paula’s, it was a dark green spaghetti strapless dress (they let me wear a shawl! Yay!) For
Crystal’s, it was a light blue empire waist, really pretty dress with GLOVES. Heh 😉 For Deborah’s, I actually can’t remember which dress I picked!   We got to pick our own, and I got two dresses .. they were both purple. And pretty. For Julia’s, it was a dark brown, sleeveless but with a little jacket…I really liked it.
3. Did you enjoy the experience(s)? Do you have any interesting experiences to share?

I did like it. It’s always really humbling to me to be asked to stand up there and experience the day with them.   Well, when I was little, I just thought it was fun to dress up and throw flowers! Hah!  As for interesting experiences, for 
Crystal’s wedding:    1) I always recommend a rehearsal. We didn’t have one. It was sort of disaster, including all the music being left at home!  Thankfully, his sister is an amazing singer, and she sang accapella!   Also, we had outdoor pictures … and both she and I got pooped on by a bird!  Hers was on her train, and I got it on my left shoulder. Deborah’s:   Hope and I nearly set the kitchen on fire, toasting the rice, the day of the wedding.  We got to talking and all of a sudden there were flames coming out of the oven.   The reception was being held at her house, so we really had to air it out … it got really smoky in there…. What with the flames and everything…..   Julia’s:   Well, the best man stepped on my dress and I tripped as they announced our names, walking in to the reception.   Also, something happened in the restroom. That’s all I’ll say about that.   

4. What other “jobs” have you done for weddings?
Hmm…let’s see.   I was a guest book attendant for Beth & Aaron’s  and I was also a guest book attendant for a girl, who the day of the wedding was literally the 5th time that I had seen her (the 4th time was the day before at the rehearsal…she invited me to the rehearsal dinner even! J  She was kewl . J I was the cake serving person for my friend Erica’s wedding. I was the cake serving person for my friend Susi’s wedding.  I was the cake serving person for my friend Stacey’s wedding. Punch person for, oh my gosh, I’m drawing a blank, somebody at church. I feel really bad!  Somebody.   I also was in charge of the coffee for another church friend…who I’m drawing a blank on. (there was quite a few wedding for like a period of two years, and they’ve gotten smushed together in my brain!)  I’ve been a behind-the-scenes person in the kitchen in  a couple different weddings at church.  \

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