Posted by: purestjoy | May 24, 2008

A memory

It being such a gorgeous day outside reminded me of something that happened about two years ago.  Kim and I were working around the house one spring day. It was GORGEOUS outside.  We were upstairs doing something in the spare bedroom, I forget what.   But we had the windows open, and we were both like .. “Wow!  It really smells like spring”  I said something about how, you know when they put “spring” into a bottle or you smell things that say “spring” like laundry soap, etc. on it .. I never realized how much they had REALLY captured it.  I had never truly smelled spring, but we were smelling it then. The earth was alive and fresh and we were breathing it all in.  

Then we realized we were right above the dryer vent.  




  1. Hey, do we have a Mildred yet?

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