Posted by: purestjoy | May 27, 2008

A whole lot of nothing!

….Dad was in a car accident Sunday on the way from church.  😦  Praise the Lord he wasn’t hurt, and praise the Lord that it wasn’t his fault (a dude ran a red light and plowed into the hood)!   But on the downside .. or the upside because it’s a chance for the Lord to show Himself strong … The car is no longer in working order.  This is making life a little challenging at the moment since this means that my car is the only car that our family now has, since that was the only car that my parents owned.  So if you could be praying that God would provide a car .. that would be absolutely awesome. (since it was an older car, there wasn’t comprehensive on it)  And that my car would hold out while all this shuttling is going on…..:)

…. I just discovered a gift card for $20 to Wal-Mart that I never used.  This will definitely come in handy right now.  🙂 🙂

….I was going to grab my school laptop today so that I would have something to do while I waited to for Mom tonight. But I left without it. 😦  I’l probably finish the book in my bag I guess.  I really don’t like it.   The guy is just … arrogant.   Normally, I would just leave the book. (Normally after throwing a book across a room I don’t pick it up again) but … a couple people said this book “changed their life” so I want to read it to know why.  But seriously?   He’s very annoying and pompous.   I don’t know care how much spiritual knowledge you have, it means squat if you don’t exhibit humility.  Honestly. If you’re not living it out, who really cares?  K was trying to tell me why he was coming across that way .. “because he’s a professor”   Well, Dr. Gamble was a professor and I learned so much from him … but he was also not arrogant so it can be done, and it’s much better for everyone when it’s done in that way!

….The wallpaper is on it’s way out in our kitchen!   I really wish I could find my camera so I could have taken before and after pictures,but so far I’ve had no luck with finding it.  I’m excited for the change though.   Fruit just really didn’t go with our checkered floor…but it’s a big project that I didn’t feel like tackling.   Three Cheers for Roomie Wilma! 🙂 

….I finally got caught up with Lost last night.   I screamed a couple times.   I forgot about the windows being open so the biker’s outside heard a very loud “WHAT THE HECK!?!? OH MY WORD!!!!  OH  MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   “AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   That being said, I can’t wait for the finale!  *eeeks* 

….I think I should buy a scooter and get around that way.  My hair never looks that great anyways.



  1. Not having read the book myself, I must say there is a world of difference between a Professor of theoloy at a Reformed Institute and a Professor of philosophy at a secular univ. I’m guessing that the author of the book is highly skilled in deconstructing false constructs of prejudice and presumptions and preceptions. As Buddha once said, What makes us angry is what controls us. Get a marker out and as you read the book mark the sentences or paragraphs that cause u to become angry or critical of the author’s character. After reading the entire book, go back over the sections you had marked. Simple exercise and as Confuscius once said, It is finished! I have met no one who can see his own faults.

  2. I wasn’t angry, per se. Just irritated. He actualy has gotten better in the next couple of chapters, which is good. I still don’t agree with some of his things … but then, he’s coming at Protestanism from a different angle than I am, apparently, with how he grew up. So I have to remember that that is his presuppositions, whether they are right or wrong, regardless. 🙂

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