Posted by: purestjoy | June 3, 2008

Please pray for little Ezra tomorrow at 7 am.   

Little Ezra was born to Shani and Tim, the family who my friend Julia lived with over 5 years.   He was born February 26, 2008 with Down Syndrome, as well as “xyy” syndrome.  (“XYY”  syndrome interestingly enough is the opposite of Down Syndrome. This is a very rare combination.  )

But tomorrow, at 7 am, EST, Little Ezra goes in for open heart surgery.     Please be praying for the little guy.  And for the little guy’s family. He has 2 older brothers, Zak & Zion and an older sister, Gabriella.  

Please pray….thank you …..



  1. I will be praying for little Ezra. God is in control.

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