Posted by: purestjoy | June 10, 2008

 “When you’re not content, you’re really telling God that His best isn’t good enough for you”    (paraphrased)  (but I need to remember the jist!) 

Great day to today!! 🙂  I got nothing done.  NOTHING.  But it still was good and I’m trying to make up in the last hours by doing everything … except I’m taking a break now to post a wee ‘ittle bit.   Because i’m just like that. 

1)   I finally got to meet Bethany ( and her husband !!  Yay!!!    She’s an online friend that I’ve known for about 2 years, I think?  So … I was actually running a little bit late.  And then I thought I knew where the hotel was.   So then I found what I thought was it …and I walked into the lobby, and there were only middle aged men in the lobby.   And the only thing that I could think of, “So someone I met off the internet has actually turned out to be a middle aged man”   So I called her … and asked if she was in the lobby … and she said, “Yes”  … so um .. yeah … I was at the wrong hotel.  Nice going, huh?? 😉     Thankfully it really close by.  And by the time I got there, Nicole  was there too .. so i got to meet her .. so  sweet! 🙂   (like funny intelligient sweet)    So yeah, we went to Chili’s and then we also hit the Goodwill outlet, which I had never been too and didn’t even know they had here.   Nicole found some kewl books and a really pretty bulletin board actually. So yeah, fun times! 🙂 🙂 

2)  Tonight was Women’s Night at church.  I was going to make the delicious cake (devil’s food cake, with holes poked in it..then pour caramel over it, top it with whipped topping and toffee bits)  But when I got home … and felt the tempature of our kitchen (we have no air conditioning in our old house)   I said “heck withthat” and I made something from a box peanut butter no bake goof proof bars. 😉  (Plus, i was REALLY tired and wanted to take a nap)    Oh, and when I walked in to the basement at church,    Kim was like, “I found a place you have to go to!!!”   and I was, like, “Okay..where/what?!”   And she goes, “Goodwill Outlet!”   and I completely cracked up.    It turns out the one she was talking about is up north, it’s not open yet.  So yeah, we had a whole discussion amongst the women and girls at church about the Goodwill Outlets.  Apparently, there’s one up on Shadeland too.   Some people have had great luck with them … and some really haven’t. hah. 😉 

3) Tonight my friend Cynthia gave her testimony.  It was really good.  It was what I needed to hear.   She’s a single person, in her 40’s now … and she really inspired me again. … focus on the good that God has blessed you with … Focus on what you CAN do while you’re single…FOR His glory.   Not to selfishly use this time, but to use it for HIS glory.   I need to do a lot more of that.  

4)  I’ve been chatting with my nieces and my niece’s best friend online today.   They’re a hoot a minute. 

5)  My timer has gone off.   I need to get back to cleaning.   We’re showing the “Truth Project” here tomorrow night … it’s a course that’s going to take place over the summer, and we’re hosting it here.   I’m not sure how many people will show up.   I’m actually going to miss tomorrow because it’s Dad’s birthday .. but I still need to clean, or do my part of the chores so it’s presentable for them. 🙂   Speaking of which, I should probably switch out DVD players so they have to put the DVD 10 times before it works, wouldn’t that be a novel idea? 😉

6)  Bye! 🙂



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