Posted by: purestjoy | June 11, 2008

Tomorrow is the Strawberry Festival Downtown.  I am SO EXCITED! It’s tradition that my friend Beth and I get together and go.  Through the years, various people joined us.  Tomorrow, there’s probably going to be about  5 of us, and then 4 children.    I am hoping I won’t forget my camera.   I’ve decided I need to take more pictures in my life.   Mostly so that I can blackmail people instead of them always being in charge of the camera and having all the horrible pictures of me.    I have great priorities in life,  I know.     

In news of vacation or lack thereof, I am in a quandry of spirit about vacations this year.  So far every single plan I’ve had for the summer has fallen through, leaving me rather disheartened, really.   My one plan of going to L’Abri is still up … but I’m in a quandry as to just how in the world to get there.  My car, faithful Pickles, I just don’t know if it’s up to making the long trip of 9 hours.   I also don’t know that I want to spend 8 hours in Chicago on a layover at the Greyhound station … in the middle of the night. If it was during the day, that would be perfect since I happen to know people in the area. But of course, it’s not.   So now I don’t know!   If only gas were not so expensive or flying more feasible.  But alas, I shall be content.   Content in a quandry. hah! 😉

Also … a very good friend has moved away from me.   This makes me very very sad.  I knew she was going at some point this summer, but then due to various and sundry circumstances which one cannot go into on a very public blog, they left without being able to tell me goodbye.    So instead I cried on the phone at work.   I shall try to content myself with real letters and with emails and with the occasional phone call, but somehow … it’s not the same.  

And in actual far more serious news really, please continue to pray for little Ezra.   There is a possiblity that he might be paralyzed.  He also might be fighting infection as well.   Please please pray.  His parents are Christians, and they are heavily relying on the Lord … and I know how much all the prayers mean.  When you’re going through really difficult times, and there are times that you yourself can’t pray, or don’t even know what to pray … it is so comforting (beyond words) to know that there are those out there who are praying for you.    So please continue to pray for him! 


And with that… I’m out. 🙂  





  1. Julia seems to be backing out of our girly vacation. Harrass her. 🙂

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