Posted by: purestjoy | June 20, 2008

So, as you might have gathered from my previous post, I am leaving for a wee ‘ittle bit. I shall be gone for a week and I opted not to take my computer with me.   So, there will be no new posts from me.  I know.  It’s going to break your heart.   So as an option to help soothe it … please feel free to leave poems, odes, and comments.   Make sure they’re nice, and I might give a prize to the one I like best! 😉  

I’m a little nervous, just because I’ve never ridden the Greyhound before …. and I’m traveling at weird hours. But ah well. It shall be an adventure, no?   We’re going to look at it that way because a wise person once said that the time that you have, all depends on your attitude.  

Y’all should recommend songs too. Otherwise, I might be left to my own devices .. and that could be dangerous!!


“I miss you
I miss your smile
And I still shed a tear
Every once in a while
And even though it’s different now
You’re still here somehow
My heart won’t let you go
And I need you to know”

I miss you, sha la la la la”



  1. Before Katrina boards her bus
    she forgets to say goodbye to us.
    At the station just in time
    she throws her shoe to thwart a crime.

    She gets on board and takes her seat,
    the dude beside her smells like feet.
    The feet aren’t clean, but rather funky,
    poor Katrina thinks of monkeys.

    The Greyhound bus has one bathroom,
    it backs up, just smell those fumes.
    Fellow riders moan and fan
    the smell away with their bare hand.

    The ride is eternal, at least it seems
    Katrina drifts off to whacked out dreams.
    Ducks with heads that look like oranges,
    (what, you expect me to rhyme oranges?)

    Finally in Chi-town she arrives
    just in time to scratch her hives.
    The hives go away, all on their own
    the stress she feels is overblown.

    A smile on her face her layover ends
    unfortunate timing meant she couldn’t see friends.
    She unwraps her snack to see her through,
    are hard boiled eggs supposed to be blue?

    Back on the bus, her trip proceeds
    to pass the time, a book she reads.
    No classics, comics, or trashy romance
    probably The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

    She bought it for the title, she thought it was funny
    she puts it down and screams “such wasted money!”
    Digging out her headphones, putting them on…
    She realizes now she forgot to load songs!

    Nearing a breakdown, wanting to flee,
    The driver says “we’re at L’Abri”
    With joy in her heart, she bounds off the bus
    trips on the sidewalk, making her blush.

    She picks herself up, dusts herself off
    “nobody saw that” she mumbles with a cough.
    She walks inside, finally at her retreat,
    a tall Christian guy offers her a seat.

    She smiles politely and sits in her chair
    as she scratches her scalp she finds the gum in her hair.
    She laughs to herself and mumbles “only me”
    as she walks outside to find a big tree.

    At the base of the tree, she sits in the shade
    wishing for a big glass of lemonade.
    A beverage beside her, a book in her hand
    she thought to herself “not quite what I’d planned”

    She enjoys her short break, to relax her brain.
    She then boards the bus to do it all again.
    She’ll get home and read these here lines,
    and grin as she threatens to kick my behind.

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