Posted by: purestjoy | July 21, 2008

Coffee, Ping Pong & Pink Flamingos

Saturday was an absolutely lovely day.   I saw “Taming of the Shrew” down in Greenwood, with my friends Beth & Aaron and their little girl, Rose.  So much fun! 🙂   I also happened to see a lot of people that I knew .. which was weird since it was down south, not my usual haunting grounds! 🙂   It’s a new thing for Greenwood parks to do Shakespeare outdoors.  They are showing Romeo & Juliet coming up soon, and I think we are going to hit that one as well too.  They do a good job! 🙂 We packed a picnic and had  leisurely dinner beforehand. and then afterwards … oh the goodness!  Aaron had sent me this email of all the local “Indie” coffee shops in Indy, and we’re making it our mission to check them out!  So we checked out our first one on Saturday, “The Bean Cup”.   It was a definite “return-to” place.  The ambiance was nice, my drink was delicious, they had quite a good selection of books — a borrowing library, if you will — all in all, a very pleasant experience.   I had completely forgotten that Aaron can’t have caffeine right now, so it was just Beth & I that enjoyed it .. so we’re going to have to go back and see how he cares for the coffee, but the ambiance was nice.   And anybody who’s anybody, knows that in a coffee shop — ambiance is key.   Plus, ambiance is a such fun word to say! hehe 😉

Ooo!   Another fun thing that happened over the weekend, our house now home to a ping pong table!! How fun is that!?    I have yet to play it.  Karsten *COUGHS COUGHS COUGHS*  was SUPPOSED to come over last night and play me .. but APPARENTLY someone is a LOSER and forgot .. or is too SCARED to come over!  I can’t blame him though.  My ping pong playing skillz are known all over the world **, so he does well to cower in fear.

I like pink flamingos and I want to get one for our yard because I think it would convey a spirit of unity and pinkness.

**not really. but they could be. now. since I posted it on the world wide web. of course, I haven’t played it in years so I could be really bad. I’m just merely trying to get my brother to play me!  sometimes taunts work. sometimes not. Hopefully this time it will because you know, if he does beat me I will have to post something about how awesome of a ping pong player he is. that could be totally worth it to him, right?

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