Posted by: purestjoy | July 22, 2008

So I bought a used book off the ‘net.  (How utterly technological of me!)   And I started to read it last night, and I have found another “Things that annoy Katrina”: 

People who take it upon themselves to correct punctuation in books …. WHEN THEY ARE WRONG!!!!   They put commas where there totally should NOT be commas.   A comma should be used wisely and when put in the wrong place, changes the meaning of the sentence — So it was very very annoying trying to read beyond the “correct” commas and try to get at what the author was saying … because this person put commas EVERYWHERE.



  1. Written rants, look better when, more thought goes, into the proper inclusion of words, to create an organized chain of thought, than the punctuation, needed, to offset the parody.

  2. AUGH!!!

  3. I have never gotten a book like that. However, it does annoy me when I read a book and the print is wrong. For instance, like when it will say “then” instead of “the.” I never thought to write in the book though and don’t plan on it. It is just kind of rude when someone else will be reading it. I get library books.

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