Posted by: purestjoy | July 25, 2008


I just have to say, Mom & Karsten, for both not having played ping pong in years .. they are both REALY REALLY good.

But on the upside! I didn’t get skunked — thanks to Debby letting me practice on her! (another very good ping pong player, btw!)  In fact, it was a 22 point game with Karsten!  Mwahuaha!  

I am not going to say the scores on the other games though. 😛



  1. oh brother ! *ahem* Do you have any cats or mice in your house ? Next time your cat catches a mouse, observe very carefully 🙂

  2. ping-pong sounds chinese

  3. Im not very good at Ping-Pong! Auntie Cat Cat!!Tell Uncle Car Car that I want to challenge him one on one!Ha ha hahahhahah! ByE

  4. does Uncle Car Car have a blog?

  5. Karsten — (or shall we say, Uncle Car Car?) I think you should just admit that I was better than you expected!

    Cora — That it does. Sort of. Maybe if you’re a woodland fairy???

    Rachel — I will tell Uncle Car Car that! You all should convince your parents to let you come out here for a little bit so you can play with us! 🙂 And I don’t know if he still has a blog or not. He should though. Then we could spam his blog! Btw, you and cora need to check your email! 🙂

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