Posted by: purestjoy | July 30, 2008

So the phone just rang here at home, and since we never get any personal calls on that line, except for my parents and the automatic prayer chain at church, I answered it with, “Frank’s Mortuary, You stab ’em, We slab ’em, How can I help you?”.   I was expecting at least a laugh or stunned silence at least.   But no response at all from the telemarketeer!  He just went straight into the speel, and sounded rather bored doing it.  I was rather disappointed.  

In other news, I have discovered iced coffee.  Last night I embarked on making it myself, and to my joy and delight, it was GOOD.   There shall be no more wasted coffee in this household.  Leftover morning coffee you have a purpose now!

Last night was Truth Project at our house.  It was sociology, and how everything comes back to the basis of the Trinity.  I unfortunately cannot do it justice, for I am not the intellectual type that can expound on and on. But it was really good.  It made me excited.   Parts of it tied in so nicely with the book that I am reading, “Beyond Identity” by Keyes…Maybe one of these days, my brain will start functioning properly again so that I can summarize it well. 🙂   Oh, and afterwards, several of us sang the “new” Psalm 5 — SO PRETTY!  I do believe I have found my second new favorite Psalm! :o)

and on a final note, because the clock is glaring at me with the time, and informing me that I should be leaving for work now …. Blogs.   I love to read blogs.  I rarely comment because I have a fear that when people realize that I read them they’ll be all freaked out that that weird girl reads them, and then they’ll put them on private. But anyways!  

A friend recently described one of the reasons why I love to read them so much ….   Blogs are like a book that never ends; every day, I see a piece of someone’s life story, and over time, that story develops and changes.   I see joys, I see sorrow, I see God working in and through people, I see struggles and I see God overcoming those struggles, I see goofiness and I see seriousness, I see a glimpse of your life, some of them so different than mine, and some that are kind of the same……. So thank you to all those whose blogs I read. 🙂


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