Posted by: purestjoy | August 4, 2008

Many thanks to those who participated in the poll!  The masses have spoken and we have heard and listened!    Oh, and for those who voted that you were dancing like a burrito … I just took that as no, you didn’t think shaving your toes was strange. I figure if you’re dancing like a burrito, there’s not a whole lot of things that could be considered strange to you! 😉

And for my public service announcment — or “Things Katrina Thinks You Should Know” — The definition of “Nerf Herder” (from wikipedia)

In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, a nerf herder is a lower class outdoorsman who spends his days safeguarding the nerfs on various planets across the universe. They can best be compared to the American cowboy or shepherds of old in their steadfast pursuit of an independent lifestyle. They generally wear old, worn out work clothes and carry simple projectile weapons as well as staves they use to drive obstinate nerfs out of their hiding places. Due to their significant skills in fieldcraft and gunplay, as well as not having the resources to bathe and change their clothes often, the rest of the “civilized” universe looks down upon them.

So dear people if someone calls you a nerf herder, basically they are insulting you and not saying that you herd nerf footballs. 


P.S.  yes a real post is coming at some point …



  1. I shave the tops of my feet. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

  2. Dearest Erica,

    Your secret is safe with me!

    and the 71 other people that read this blog ……. 😉 😉

  3. Hey today is Coras B-day!!!!!!

  4. I know!!! 🙂 So what kind of fun stuff do you have planned for her??????

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