Posted by: purestjoy | August 7, 2008

Today is a very special day.  Why, you ask?   Well, not only is it special because this is the day before National “sneak-a-zuchinni-on-your-neighbor’s-front-porch” day …. but far more important,  on this day, 14 years ago,  my brother’s first child was born!  Cora … she has since filled the world with much happiness, randomness and joy.   I can’t believe she’s 14 already and starting high school!   Cora, thank you for being an awesome niece .. for sending me recipes on how make tater tots and fish sticks … for regaling me with stories of woodland fairies and dinosaurs that lick your hair … I hope that you have an incredibly awesome day today! 🙂 🙂    As always, I wish I was out there with you ….but know that all of us out here are especially thinking of you today!!   Eat lots of cake!

Oh, and of course, “Sweetie Pie” has to add her two cents …

Off-beat (in the best way!)



  1. Hello dearest auntie cat forgot to add the part about Mr.Jenkins!

  2. Oh dear! I thought that HE was the woodland fairy!

  3. I dont think so..and Coras woodland fairy name is the.Mine is kenico.and my friend Rose, hers is Moyna.

  4. wow quite creative…on saturday we are having a garage sale with our neighbors {don}. I am putting my bowling ball in there. So this is your last chance if you want to buy it or not!

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