Posted by: purestjoy | August 23, 2008

So. Technically, it is past my brother’s birthday here in Indiana — BUT — it is still his birthday in Oregon.  Granted, he probably won’t see this until tomorrow, but Erick, I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!   As I looking for pics for this post, I realized — I don’t think we have any together, other than whole family pictures! How wrong is that??   Anyways.  Erick is my eldest brother. 🙂   13 years older than me … and I am blessed to call him brother.  (see, I didn’t send you a sappy card this year .. but I am totally going to make a sappy blog post! hah!:) )

See, here’s the thing. Since it’s my blog and I can post about whatever — and today?  I want you to know how great of a big brother that I have. 🙂    Erick gave me my first “real” Bible.  I was soo excited that Christmas morning, opening it up and seeing MY name engraved on it.   I still have that Bible, and I will always treasure it.  That’s the Bible that God used to convict me about getting baptized. That’s the Bible that God used to open up Psalm 63 to me, to comfort me when I got scared at night.   I think that was also the year that he gave me a dress for my birthday, which just thrilled this little girl’s heart.  I had a solo in the Christmas play at church that year, and I was so excited to stand up and sing in a brand spankin’ new dress!   And, I might add, he had really good taste. 🙂    Erick is definitely a macho man. He hunts, he fishes, etc.,… and he’s really good at all of them.   If I want to impress anybody, I just show them the picture of him with the cougar that he shot —- with a bow & arrow. Oh, yeah, you read that right. BOW & ARROW.  COUGAR.  He also is the best bbq’er in the world. No seriously. You have NOT had BBQ until you have tasted his. Marinated salmon, prime rib, etc. etc… SO GOOD.     

And while I know I’m his little “citified” sister (who is more Hoosier than Oregonian now :() I know God had a reason for putting us in the same family.  I have learned a lot from him.  And especially in recent years. I have enjoyed our more “grown up” talks.   So thank you, Erick, for being an awesome older brother. 🙂  🙂 🙂 🙂



  1. how sweet [sniffle, sniffle]

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