Posted by: purestjoy | August 29, 2008

♥ Today is Mom & Dad’s 44th anniversary! Happy Anniversary, you two love birds! 🙂 They are going away for the weekend. I hope it’s amazing.

♥ Our ping-pong table is fixed. YAY! 🙂 I haven’t played on it since it’s been fixed. But soon, hopefully, soon.

♥ I’m trying to think of anything exciting going on in my life, and I’m at a loss for words. Probably because nothing exciting is really happening.

♥ Roomie #2 has moved in! We iniatiated her on Friday night .. and then Saturday again, with my cooking. (that’s like a hazing in and of itself!) MUWHAHA. I made French Banana crepes (which were amazing) except the kitchen filled up with smoke, and I dumped a plate of crepes on the floor .. and the sauce got too thick. But you know, whatever. 🙂


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