Posted by: purestjoy | September 2, 2008

Life: FAIL

We LOVE Surprise parties!!!   Today — my good friend, Beth — of the infamous “beth&aaron”  ( or Lorraine, if you prefer) turned the big 3-0!  🙂  So of COURSE a surprise party was in order! 🙂   The goober came in the back door though and SHE  said “SURPRISE” leaving a very stunned and surprised audience, with then useless silly string & noisemakers because we weren’t expecting her quite so soon, and definitely not through the garage door!  Although, really, silly string is never useless and we got her when she was least expecting it. Or rather, her brother, husband & father all got her when she was least expecting it. Good times, y’all, good times.  My camera ate all the batteries though so I have no PEEKTURES.  😦 😦     

So allergies have once again been kicking my butt.  It’s BAD.    I barely got out yesterday. I had to, and that’s the only reason I did.  Otherwise I would have been quite content to stay in BED. 

But allergies are rather boring to read about.  So … while I was feeling miserable yesterday, I was reading through some devotionals and one really caught my eye.   It was talking about the Sabbath and the rest.  It put it in a different light.  They said that God rested on the Sabbath, not that He was tired, but that what He had done was sufficient.  So therefore we rest on the Sabbath, resting in the sufficiency of God, trusting Him. I had never seen it quite put that way, and it kinda made sense!  It went along with what I’ve been “learning” (or relearning) if you will, about tithing.   In tithing, you’re putting out the 10% like is commanded, and trusting that God will provide what you need for whatever else.   And I don’t know, in thinking about the Sabbath in the way that they put in the devotional, that’s really kind of like that too.  Any thoughts? 🙂


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