Posted by: purestjoy | September 5, 2008

So it always makes me feel better when OTHER people do stupid stuff. So today, I’m delivering in the building next to us. A guy gets on the elevator. I was going to a different floor other than “1”. He gets on, and pushes the door close button. Looks at all the buttons, and pushes the door open button. Then we both laugh, because he realizes that that’s not “1” and he goes on to say that it looked like a one … so then my floor arrives and I laugh and I wish him a “good day” and I deliver my packages and then I press the “down” button to summon the elevator. Lo and behold the door opens and the guy is still in there with a totally confused look on his face! Apparently, he STILL didn’t push one after I got off so it just stayed there.

I tried to ease his mind and his embarassment by telling him that, really, when you looked at it, the door close button could have been mistaken for a one (if you squint really hard) .. and then he has to go and say, “Yeah, but I should know better. I write programming for elevators!” o_0

(little scary)

(Perhaps he was struck dumb by my astounding beauty*** and thus he couldn’t remember the basics of elevator functions)

(or maybe he was awestruck by my shoes. Yes. they’re THAT awesome)

(i’m pretty sure he couldn’t see the binder clip which is currently holding up my pants or else that could have been it )

**(Just so you know, I am not that vain (opposite of) There is actually a hilarious story to go with this thatm maybe, when I’m bored and needing something to blog about, I’ll tell you…heh 🙂 )


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