Posted by: purestjoy | September 8, 2008

♥ I had all these plans for the weekend so I would be SO organized this week. It so didn’t happen. I’ll try and do it tonight. Things like: having clothes ready, meals planned, etc.  so I can get more stuff done during the week at night, other than just preparing for the next day.  (What a novel idea, eh? 😉 )

♥ I hate getting up in front of people. Have I mentioned that? I get up and I CLAM up. I can’t remember anything. DISASTER. Yeah. That’s the word. And TRAIN WRECK.

♥ The L’s brought their puppies to church last night (well, to fellowship after church) one-week old puppies….SO CUTE!!! I got to hold one…oh I could have died from the cuteness!

♥ I’m wearing perfume called “Daisy” today. I got a sample from Sephora simply because of the name. My niece’s name is Daisy and well, I had to try it. 😉 It’s actually not half bad, which is saying something because normally perfumes on me smell awful. It’s like my body sucks away all the good smelling stuff and leaves just like the alcohol. My sister’s perfume smells AMAZING on her. On me? HORRIBLE. Even my sister was perplexed because we thought since we were sisters we would have at least similar body chemistries! I mean, we have the same allergies (apples, carrots, cantaloupes) but we can’t have the same body chemistry? pshaw!

♥ Tomorrow, Lord-willing, karsten & mom are coming over for a rambunctious night of Pizza, Pepsi & Ping Pong! A “P” party!! YAY! If Karsten is up for it. Otherwise, we’ll have pizza and Settlers of Catan. Which is still a party, but just not quite a “P” party.

♥ The Colts lost. I didn’t watch the game. But I am still depressed. 😦


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