Posted by: purestjoy | September 25, 2008

Life. It always seems to be a mixture of ups and downs. The hard times suck, but I guess that makes the good times so much sweeter?

Good things:

♥ I’m finally headed to Chicago to see my friend Erica! My plans all fell through this summer. But the tickets have been purchased so Lord willing, it’s all a go. (Dude, I am SO totally MegaBus’ing it!)

♥ I love watching the A-Team. Seriously. And Murdock TOTALLY cracks me up. He is da awesomez. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

♥ I’m going to go see “Fireproof” this weekend. It’s done by the same people who did “Facing the Giants”. “Facing the Giants” holds an incredibly dear place in my heart, so I’m excited to go see this one. 🙂 Note: It’s coming out the same wekeend “facing the giants” came out 2 years ago. Doot Doot.

♥ I vant to make krumkakke tonight for ze international dinner at church. (Which btw, all the kewl people are going to. just so you know)


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