Posted by: purestjoy | October 6, 2008

This Friday was the Annual Game Night.  My dear dear friends do this in honor of Ereling, as this is around the time we had our last earthly game night with him.   They provide dinner and we all head to my parents house for an evening of fun and fellowship. 🙂   Potato soup was the menu, made by Aaron and of course, it was SOO good.  And, everybody (or almost everybody was able to make it)   Roomie Winnifred got introduced to all the people that I’m always talking about. 🙂   And we missed you, Sonja, Zak & Zane!    We played Boggle and then because SOME people don’t like Boggle, we moved onto Cranium.  A new Cranium with some very weird, but fun categories! 🙂   Our team lost by one.  😦

Saturday was Work Day at church … which due to my not feeling good at ALL this week, I was not prepared for.   But I did get some stuff done in the library, thanks mostly to Mom & Dad, and things were done in the house, almost all of the credit going to the roomies.

Sunday I spent the majority of the time in bed.  I thought I was over my cold or whatever the heck I have, but apparently not.  

Goals this week is to practice because November 1st is looming every so largely in my head … and to get everything done before Friday, because that is when I start my 4 day mini-vacation!   Well, after work anyways. Woo hooo! 🙂 

Can y’all believe it’s OCTOBER already?   I cannot.


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