Posted by: purestjoy | October 16, 2008

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you” John 14:18

So this past Sunday, I was visiting my good friend Erica in Illinois. The preacher spoke on several different things, but a couple things stood out. First, God’s steadfastness. This is something that the Lord has been working with me on, HIS steadfastness. What all that is, what it means, etc. So it was kinda kewl going to a different state, city, church and seeing that yeah, God really is getting through to me.  🙂

Second, the guy mentioned in passing about how often we go to our comforts instead of going to God. Conviction. And boy has it been one of those weeks too. Today was just a weird day at work. Things going wrong left and right, strange things happening. And honestly, all I could think of was getting off work and getting a white chocolate mocha and then relaxing and getting lost in a new episode of Monk. Because then it would all be better. Blissful even.

Right? Wrong. The Holy Spirit brought back to mind what Mr. Preacher said about comforts. (pointing our weaknesses in the wrong direction;  self reliance)   Not that coffee or Monk are in and of themselves wrong, but really, who should I be rushing to for comfort?

In a way … and I know it’s not going to come out the way that I have it in my head .. but I’m going to try and explain it anyways….. It’s kind of what I have been learning about my “identity”.   Basing my identity on Christ and not on things/people around me.   I never thought that I based myself on others.  Until others have been taken away.  When you find yourself alone, with the possibility of being even more alone, you get shaken, shaken to the very core.   All the superficial things tend to fade, kind of like the comfort things.  Why do we have to have something shake us to realize that?  Or perhaps it’s just me who’s hard headed. 🙂 

I’m still working through the whole “identity” thing.  And I’m sure I will struggle with rushing to things rather than God for comfort.

But in the end?   God is steadfast.  The people around me will change.  They will move away.  Some will pass away.  Some will get married, have kids. Some will fall away from the Lord, some will become like strangers to me. God is steadfast.  And I won’t always be able to rush home and get a mocha.  I won’t always be able to turn to my favorite chapter in my favorite book, turn on my favorite happy song, wear my happy shirt.   But what will ALWAYS be there?   God and His steadfast love.  And when I turn to Him for comfort, it will be more than the superficial kind.  He will mold me and change me, when I point my weaknesses in the RIGHT direction, towards Him.



  1. Well said.

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