Posted by: purestjoy | October 22, 2008


Okay.  So y’all….If you are like me, I’m always searching for new songs/music/people to love, especially Christian music.  My car radio doesn’t pick up any Christian stations (I know. It’s very very sad!)   So my way of finding out new songs, artists are limited.    And I prefer Christian music because I am a firm believer of what you put in your mind, comes out one way or another.  So anyways ….  Today was a very stressful day for me for reasons I won’t go into on a public blog, it was just … stressful. (ooo…doesn’t make you wonder what happened?? 😉  It was nothing earth shattering, it was just tough for various reasons)  A friend of mine sent me a song via email.  It blessed me.   So then I of course, had to google the lyrics and found how who the artist was etc. 

Well. World, meet JJ Heller.  🙂   AND .. AND … you can download her new album FREE  for a limited time.

If you are familiar with Sara Groves, she reminds me a lot of her.  🙂     I have not heard all of the songs, but the song that blessed me was “Your Hands”, which is #11.    If you don’t know of Sara Groves and so that didn’t help you at all to know her style of music, here are some songs of JJ Heller’s that are on Youtube from her previous albums.    (p.s. If you haven’t heard of Sara Groves, you should really check her out too, btw.  Thoughtful lyrics.  I like thoughtful lyrics)


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