Posted by: purestjoy | November 11, 2008

So this morning, I woke up around 4’ish to take Mom and Dad to the airport. They are headed off to Oregon. Lucky things! 😦

Kewl fact: Today is the last day for the “old” airport. The “new” airport officially opens at 8:00 tonight. So Mom and Dad get to have a final farewell with the old one. O the memories that have taken place over the years there.

I don’t remember my first trip there, but I have definitely spent a lot of time over there years there. Airports are rather special places really. Tears of joy at seeing people again. Tears of sorrow because they are leaving.

This airport I know has seen it’s share of things:

And the time where Ereling wore his balloon pants that came up to his calves, he had his teddy bear and when he saw me embarking from the plane, he started jumping up and down and yelling “MY SEEESTER!!! MY SEEEEESTER!!!” (I still giggle to this day thinking about it. He was so —- hysterical); it saw us greeting my entire family (sister and her family; brother and his family) when they all arrived for my high school graduation; it’s where I was interviewed on TV for my “Christmas” spirit; it was the first leg of the journey for Ereling’s trips to China, Norway & Scotland; it saw us greet people with tears when they arrived for his funeral.

and so many many many more memories …. (“Are You My Mother” t-shirt; missing people when we were supposed to pick them up; racing Ereling up and down the hallways; etc etc)

So anyways; Old airport. I will miss you. I’ll miss teh familiar hallways, the not so comfortable seats

New Airport: I look forward to the many memories to come. 🙂

and i can’t believe I just got misty-eyed about a building!



  1. It’s not the building, it’s the memories! Yeah, I remember when we moved here and I was 6, they used to have colorful striped carpets that Anjali and I had so much time hopping from color to color on. 🙂

    I didn’t know they were opening the new one already! It’s kinda like in Bangalore last summer, we flew into the really old, dingy, never-meant-to-be-a-commercial-airport and out of the amazing clean new one when we left.

  2. Did Ereling embarass you in his balloon pants? 🙂

  3. I was more mortified by the jumping up and down and screaming….;)

  4. You made me misty-eyed, too. What great memories…my favorite memory is landing there after a bazillion hours of travel with our new sons!

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