Posted by: purestjoy | November 16, 2008

So because it’s my job to keep you informed on the big happenings in my life … because really who else would? I must announce that a huge thing happened on Friday night.

As of Friday night, I have fully embraced the Spinsterhood. Oh yes, I have been at peace with being a spinster for quite awhile. I came to terms with my destiny back when I was 3. But I must admit there were still some things about the spinsterhood that I shied away from. No more! As I am one month shy of my 29th year, I decided it was time. It had to be done.

Friday night. I knitted. IN PUBLIC. ALONE. (wearing glasses even!)

I only lack my monkey* and then the cycle will be complete.

(i know the common thing is being a spinster you must have many cats, but since i am allergic, that’s rather problematic, so I decided that I need a monkey instead)



  1. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you are allergic to monkeys?????

  2. Monkeys are GROSS!!!!!!!Oh no Zane your so hilarious!!!!Lil-cuzin!

  3. Zane: I had NOT thought of that! That would be tragic. Maybe I should go ask the zoo if I can go hold a couple to see if I am…..hmmm…

    Cora: Okay. SERIOUSLY. INTERVENTION IS NEEDED FOR YOU. First Hobbits and now MOnkeys? I see a LOTR marathon and a day of bonding with monkeys at the zoo in your future when I am there.

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