Posted by: purestjoy | November 24, 2008

I used to use Blingo to search instead of google, and I actually won two movie tickets, as well as $10 on itunes. Unfortunately, they changed the way that they searched and I couldn’t handle it. (yes, I am picky about some things)

Anyways….a new place to search! 🙂 Swagbucks! A couple of my friends started using this, and they have had had fairly good luck with it. So anyways, if you sign up under me, I get the points that you win! So that’s awesome and I really think that you should do it. 😉

  • You know you want to. It will be FUN. Trust me! 😉 You can accumulate points to win gift cards, and other sorts of fun stuff.

    In other news, Mom and Dad are coming home tomorrow! I AM SO HAPPY! 🙂 I have been feeling really bad, though I am doing slightly better today, so hopefully I’ll still be able to pick them up …. there’s a nasty bug going around the office, and I definitely had the start of it yesterday so I opted to just stay in bed all day … hopefully that did it. Sometimes if I just do nothing for a day except sleep and stay in bed, it “resets” my body. It’s weird, but it works most of the time.

    Um…and I think that’s it. Other than I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash, David Cook, Jeremy Camp, Taylor Swift, Newsboys, & JJ Heller all day, randomly and it makes me really happy. heh 😉


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