Posted by: purestjoy | December 15, 2008

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday.  Thank you to all who helped it be so! 🙂     I got my hair done, made cupcakes, went out to eat with the family, attended Christmas expressions at church,  and came back and opened presents, had cake, and played “Flapdoodle” with the family.   O MY WORD.   Let me tell you people — we SO needed a video camera.  As we did not, you will simply have to imagine my mother wrapping her foot in a towel and singing it to sleep, and my dad waving his hands around his head and yelling “I’M THE EYE OF THE HURICANE”.     It was hilarious.

As for things to go in my 29th year (suggestions via polls)    Most popular one — Travel overseas.   I also apparently need to: 1) attend a Star Wars convention 2) open a ball game by singing the national anthem 3) take up archery 4) try a new disgusting food 5) swim in the ocean 6) send Paul hot wings  7) Wear sunscreen (NOT seeing the epicness in this,  but okay 😉  )  7) Go visit somebody.   I failed to remember that on WordPress polls they don’t say WHO made the suggestion, so I don’t know exactly who I am supposed to go visit. So whoever made this suggestion should tell me or else I might have to start guessing and if I guess wrong, that could be bad.

The poll is still open so feel free to overflow with ideas — keeping in mind I might disregard them (such as, piercing my nose — get married — get a tattoo — skydiving — all things I *won’t* be doing!)

Psalm of the year:   Psalm 29 🙂 🙂    (that is one of my FAVORITE Psalms to sing!)

9 more days to Oregon!



  1. Duh!!! You are suppose to come visit me.

  2. i cant wait till the 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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