Posted by: purestjoy | January 19, 2009

Quick takes on my life! because i’m too lazy to string together thoughts

So how have I been keeping myself entertained?   Well, my friends, currently, right now AS I TYPE … I am making my own yogurt; making my own granola; making chili and cornbread for dinner.     All of those things, minus the cornbread, are things I never really thought I would be doing.    But knowing people who do those things has rubbed off on me, and now I have been inspired.    They all might flop, but at least I’m trying?

Speaking of things I never thought I would be doing, today I started taking the fish oil Dad got me for my birthday.  (aren’t you proud, Dad? 😉 ) (and those of you who aren’t my dad, no I did not request it for my birthday but because my Dad rocks he wants me to live a long happy life and he believes fish oil will help that so therefore I got it 😉 p.s. if I start to smell like fish, i’m sorry. Oh!  And if I do start to smell like fish, I would appreciate it if you would just call me “dori”. That would be lovely.  It will make smelling like a fish not be so bad )

Yesterday was the first practice for “Grace Beyond Humanity”.   Dude, it is intense.   This is another play that my friend Zach has written.  I can’t really tell TOO much about it, without giving it away.  But I get to play an angry/controlling person……BOO YAAAAA! 😉  And the message is really good (about an ex-convict coming back into society)   So yeah, be praying … it’s one of those plays that needs to be NAILED to get the message across.  A very fine line. I’m excited though 🙂   We still need to finalize a couple more people to play some parts…. but Lord willing, that will all get worked out.   It’s been really neat to see the whole process this time.   Just to see how God has worked everything out … Zak did a lot of research and just seeing how God put people in his path, etc. 🙂

This weekend there was a conference at church on exclusive Psalmody.  I’m not gonna lie folks, I wasn’t excited.  While I love singing the Psalms, everyone who I’ve heard talk about it has been rather arrogant about it, so I just kind of cringed inside.  But I also wanted to hear the dude’s view on it…and I’m really glad that I did.   He brought out a lot of good points, and he did it in such a humble way that it really rocked.  (P.S.  Arrogancy really annoys me.   That is one sure way to turn me off of something is to be very arrogant about it 😛 .)  One of the main things I came away with was how it helps to sanctify you.  It’s God’s Word .. and that never returns void.  So while I don’t think praise music is bad ( I have been blessed by it!)  I don’t think that it has the same affect as the Psalms, which God has provided for us to sing.  

and now my chili and cornbread are through cooking.  YAY! 🙂    Have a good night my little cheetos!


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