Posted by: purestjoy | April 17, 2009

Tonight I was in Target and , as I was walking out the door, I happened to see the Vision Center and I happened to see frames, and I thought to myself, “Myself (as I am in the habit of calling myself, myself) I should pop in there and see if I can find some frames to replace my dearly beloved ones that met their horrible demise a few months ago”. So I popped in to that charming little vision center.

The gentleman was a very nice gentleman who was eager to help this poor glassesless soul. He seemed to be fairly intelligient and with it until ….. until …..

“So…what do you use your glasses for?” — nice gentleman from target.

I looked at him and looked at him and then I responded with the only possible answer I could come up with.

“Uh … To see????” — myself


(thankfully he was a very nice chap, who was quite able to laugh at himself)

If I had been thinking fast enough, I would have gone with “Oh, to hold my old love letters” or “To keep my necklaces straight” but I wasn’t. Perphaps next time.




  1. Some would answer, “to read with,” and yet another would answer, “to play sports with.” I was asked the same question once and had the same thought as you in my head. Then, the person explained it to me. 🙂

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