Posted by: purestjoy | May 9, 2009

It always cracks me up that all the “How to Better Manage Your Money” seminars cost like $200. Is that really managing your money well?

Allergies are kicking my butt this season. Either that or I have mono again. But I’m really quite sure it’s allergies. I don’t have any rashes (which was how MY mono made me aware that I had it last time.. a rare occurance for mono, but you know me, I have to be different) I just want to sleep for three days…straight. While I do have 4 tests that I desperately want to transcribe and 3 books that I REALLY REALLY want to read … when put to it, I still would choose sleep. I had scheduled a day off for next week, which I must admit I am looking forward to sleeping in and just reading and transcribing all day. It’s horribly selfish I know. And to be honest, that will probably change. But at least the thought relaxes me?

I am REALLY enjoying “When People are Big and God is Small”. It’s a non-fiction that I read half of in two days. o_O Yo mama say what? Yeah. I never do that with non-fiction. It’s about the fear of man vs. the fear of God. Sadly, since I read half of it, I’ve only been able to get snippets in. Lord willing, that will change this week. πŸ™‚

Mother’s Day is tomorrow! Yay! And according to MY mother, nothing says “I Love You Mom” like a grout whitening marker….;) (I cracked up when she giving me a list of things she wanted for Mother’s Day and that was on there) On the menu is ham, asparagus, salad and strawbberries and angel food cake. You will notice there that is basically a fool-proof menu. (ham is already fully cooked. Salad– who can mess up a salad? already made angel food cake) Oh yeah. That’s how I do lunch. πŸ˜‰

Next week I am hoping to start my turn to “eating organically”. I’ve been picking up the “Clean Eating” magazine and have decided to give it a try. They have menus and shopping lists, which makes it really easy. I’m going to attempt it at least. Not promising I’ll get anywhere, but attempt it I will! The trick is eating organically, while still eating relatively cheaply. HAH.

Anyways. I know this isn’t really a substantive post, but I felt bad about not having posted anything in awhile. Though I’m sure my readers have already flown the coop.

And for the video … because you know me.. i like to share. πŸ˜‰ Sara Groves = β™₯



  1. i am still so very,very bummed dear sister(and brother)…i was looking forward to spending time with my family tremendously…i am still crying about it!!!although, i was sick all last week and now have pnemonia(it hurts)…mon nite @ 9 pm we were notified that we have one month to move!!!!bit of a shock aye….so we are looking at houses to rent-just think the next time you see me it will be in a new house-after 24 years!!!!the kids have never even moved…love you lots

    • Oh my goodness, Sonja! 😦 😦 I hope that you’re feeling better … I was so shocked to read that you’re moving! (and of all the times…when you’re not feeling good..:( 😦 ) I wish that I lived closer to help you! One of these days, we’re going to figure out how to move Indiana right next to Oregon! We missed you tremendously ….love you …bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!

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