Posted by: purestjoy | June 3, 2009

Holy Cow. It’s been nearly a month since I last posted. What is UP with that??? I probably lost all my readers. I WEEP!!

So .. if you think it’s bad the first time that you get called “ma’am” (you know, sign of getting older and what not) just wait until the first time you get called “sir”. o_O

We’re leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow morning! 13 hours or so in a small car with my parents and Karsten. Are they not the lucky ones?? (MWHAUHAAHAHAHA) It’s family reunion time. Except a lot of people can’t come. So that’s a huge bummer. We thought my sister and my nephew were going to be able to come…but she wasn’t able to get off work. I was really really bummed. 😦 I was so looking forward to going to Six Flags with them too! But at least we’ll get to see the people that live in Oklahoma. 🙂

We have a BEAUTIFUL garden here in Indy! Okay, so my dear roomie has done absolutely all the work. But she is doing FANTASTICALLY. I am SO excited. Even though she planted…wait for it …. 26 tomato plants. 26! And I don’t even like tomatoes. But I have zuchinni and that is all that matters to me. And tomatoes and zuchinni and squash and parmesan cheese make a WONDERFUL dish.

Well I better get back to cleaning. My goal is to have my room in such a shape that if I die on this trip, people won’t be horrified when they have to empty my room. Sadly, I did not think of this until Monday and y’all? I have A LOT of stuff. But at least I have it to where you won’t need to burn the whole room, but it’s still at the state where only REALLY close and also MESSY friends will be allowed to go through it. So um, pray I don’t die?



  1. Oh good! You didn’t post in over a month, because I haven’t read other people’s blogs in over a month. 🙂

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