Posted by: purestjoy | July 18, 2009

Saturday starts with an “S” for a reason! SLEEP

I wish dogs had a sense of sleeping in on a Saturday. Instead of the sense of “OOOO…LADY IS SLEEPING THE BED. DOES SHE LOOK SWEET? LET’S ATTACK!!!!!!” I tell you, there’s nothing like being woken up by 2 doggies on your bed, in your face and on the floor going crazy because she can’t get up there.

Good times, y’all. Good time.

Oh well. I guess I needed to get up anyways. I’ve got two jobs that I need to get done today. Yay God for bringing in extra work! 🙂 I meant to do one of them yesterday but I kind of sort of maybe took a 4 hour nap. and then went to bed kind of sort of early. (and yes I still wanted to sleep in today) DON’T JUDGE.

Well I’m off to pour me another cup of ambition and plow through today.

To God be the Glory!



  1. I like those dogs!

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