Posted by: purestjoy | July 21, 2009

Food. You need it to survive. or in my case, you have to survive to eat it.

Last night, I made dinner at Mom and Dad’s place. The fire alarm went off THREE times. THREE TIMES. I burned the zuchinni and the dumped a fair amount of the rice down the sink (not on purpose).

And people wonder why I don’t cook more often. o_O

I am going to attempt my first cheesecake EVER tomorrow. Well, I start it tomorrow and I plan to eat it on Thursday. Not by myself, with a friend of course. It’s a copycat recipe of the my favorite Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake. If it tastes anything like the real thing, I will be happy. I may be fat, but I”ll be happy! 😉

The dog is snoring right now. It’s so cute. She’s laying on her back and just snoring away and occasionly pawing at her face. ADORABLE.

And with that… I need to read Colossians 3 one more time before the study this afternoon. Man, y’all…it’s one of those chapters where it’s just RICH in everything. GO READ IT. BE BLESSED. BECAUSE I SAID SO. 😉



  1. Well, ACTUALLY, you needed to read Colossians 2, but I guess God decided you needed to read Colossians 3. 🙂

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