Posted by: purestjoy | July 25, 2009


I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT 10!!!!!! AND I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!

Also. Last night it stormed. At first I felt bad for all the people that are camping for the Brickyard 400. But then a bunch of drunk people started going up and down the street at 3 AM this morning, yelling “WOOO HOOOOOOO” my sympathy vanished. Rather quickly, I might add.

This morning, the electrical wire on the telephone poles outside my house was making all kinds of pretty sparks. It was fascinating and scary. So I called people. (I KNOW PEOPLE) They thanked me for being a good citizen. *beams* You are friends with a good citizen. You should feel all kinds of special. Unless you’re not my friend. and in that case…WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THIS?!!??!

OH! And last night, I had what might be the biggest epiphany I’ve had this year. See. I’ve always thought that there should be an alarm clock that woke you up telling you waht you needed to do that morning. Most of the time, my alarm goes off, I forget that I have stuff to do that morning, and sleep always wins over whathever I need to do….mostly because I forgot because I’m sleepy .. and so then I oversleep and don’t get everything done that needs to be done. (I know. I’m lazy. SHUT UP) ANYWAYS!!! Last night, i was thinking of everything that I needed to do before 9 this morning. And then…….MY CELL PHONE GLEAMED. I had recently made mom a ringtone of me telling her how much I love her. It’s awesome, btw. You should hear it. Anyways. So…I recorded myself yelling at myself to get up and listed the things i needed to do. Made it a ringtone and made that ringtone my alarm. AWESOMENESS. And it WORKED. Although it’s really weird waking up to yourself yelling at yourself. But whatever. It’s still brilliant.

And now I’m going to go write in my notebooks. LATER MY LITTLE PONY CHIPMUNKS!

P.S. I want a robot that makes pancakes.



  1. Electrical wires on the telephone poles????? What kind of state do you live in???? Or—–do perhaps you mean the electrical poles upon which the communication wires were attached????

    • Stop trying to confuse me!

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