Posted by: purestjoy | August 27, 2009

I’m not dead yet!

So I’m in a really “chipper” mood today, which means I probably shouldn’t be posting. But here I am. Are you not the lucky ones? 🙂   I’m actually wanting to recount the great things that have happened so as to help get me out of my foul mood. 

I had a wonderful weekend, on a campout with the “OY” (older youth) group in our presbytery … I, of course ,was the oldest one there (on average by at least 6 years…)…but it still ended up being very enjoyable. 🙂   I was able to  roast my marshmallows before it started to pour down rain on Friday night.  Then on Saturday, I was able to go canoeing.  I had to leave earlier than all the rest of the people, so they dropped me off . And I kid you not, as soon as I got in my car and started driving up the hill, it started to POUR down rain.  I felt sorry for all the people on the lake.

I do sooo want to go camping again this year, but I doubt that will happen. There is just something about a campfire, and listening to the outdoor sounds as you fall asleep and as you wake up…:) And canoeing…so nice!  Chain of Lakes is an awesome place to canoe, if any of y’all are ever in the area. 🙂   (Erica, perphaps this might be a weekend trip, yes???)

I’ve had a couple interesting discussions on “end times” with people recently.  Interesting, as in they are really passionate about it.  I really haven’t thought too much about it.  I can’t decide if I actually really want to search it out. I mean I guess I do?   But does it really matter?  What will happen, will happen.  But I guess on the other side of that, is that the Lord did put Revelations in the Bible for a reason.  But still. People get up so uptight about it.

Be praying for a friend of mine, please?  She is expecting (after miscarrying several times).  She is nearing 20 weeks, and she has been exposed (via husband, children) to the swine flu.  Please pray..:(



  1. Ok, so where is this Chain o’ Lakes? The one I found via Yahoo Search is about 45 minutes northeast of me. Is this the same one you are speaking of, my dear Agatha?


  2. Albion, IN???

  3. Yep, look at the website. I am so confused.

    It has IN address, but talks about being in IL. The map shows it in IN. Have you been there or know of anybody? I am definitely up for the day trip!

  4. Hmmm…That is weird. Yeah, I went htere…but when i googled the place I had been, with your place…it said was 4 hours away!

  5. Maybe find a place that is around 2 hours for both of us.

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