Posted by: purestjoy | September 16, 2009

People.  A friend of mine just posted a story about her son.  I haven’t known her very long, and only via the “blog world”.  I’ve seen pictures of her son, and rejoiced with her in his latest accomplishments.  Today she posted his back story.  One of severe asthma, pulmonary appointments, medication after medication, the winters that were horrendous, the prayers so many many many prayers on his behalf……So it was with great joy that she reported that as a high school senior, he is captain of his cross-country team.

How many people seeing him running have NO idea what a miracle it is that he doing this?   Probably a lot.  So many people take people at face value, not thinking of what an amazing or sad story is in their background.  God has given everybody a story.

I try to remember that.   I have learned that sometimes it’s the small everyday things that take the most courage.  After someone has been in a horrible accident,  how much courage it takes to get in a car and drive again.  I try to remember that when somebody is being far too cautious and I’m getting upset because they are taking FOREVER.   For the widow, how much courage it takes to go back into the building where her husband used to work….or the street where he was killed?   So many people do so many courageous things that go unnoticed by the world around them.   As well, how many miracles are walking among us?  To the one who maybe walks a little slower among us, it just might be a miracle that he is walking. How many children that are the answers to years of prayer?

Anyways…just some food for thought… 🙂


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