Posted by: purestjoy | October 23, 2009

Love and Gratefulness

I love the fall.

I love houses with fake fireplaces, so I can be warm and toasty and watch the fire….without having to do all the work. I like taking hot showers and using “relaxing” body washes.

I like getting all cozied up in silky pajama bottoms and nice big sweatshirts and doing my nails and eyebrows, while watching a total chick flick.

I like snuggling with two doggies, while watching chick flicks.

I like dancing like a crazy person during the credits.

I like drinking hot tea while checking my email one last time before heading up to bed with a good book.

I love listening to worship music while checking email.

I’m grateful for getaways in the midst of everything.

I’m grateful for knowing that even in the midst of the stupidity of other people, it is NEVER out of God’s hands.

I’m grateful knowing that though we may fall, the Lord will pick us up.

I’m grateful knowing that I can trust Him for that, not only for myself….but for others (which I swear is 10x harder).

I’m grateful that though I am “alone”, I am not alone.


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