Posted by: purestjoy | January 23, 2010

I call this “CUBE CHANGE”* blogging

Last night I dreamed that I dreamed a dream and I told everybody about my dream in my dream.  But upon waking up, the dream that I dreamt in my dream…wasn’t really that interesting.   Even though everybody in my dream thought it was hilarious.   I don’t know WHY water with coffee grounds in it would be funny?

I cleaned at my parents today.  I found a small piece of paper that had this on it:  “Katrina is a joy,  and I love her a lot.  She needs her own boy (or rather a man) to say that she’s got.”    I think my mother has WAY too much time on her hands. …;)

I tried my hand at pick pocketing today.  Unfortunately, it ended with me spilling water all over the table and on Mom.   Apparently, I need A LOT of work on that.

I love the internet.  Why? Because I can find out fascinating information such as…I either slept on my neck wrong or I have meningitis and could be dead in two days.

Tomorrow, we are celebrating my 30th birthday with friends.  Yes, it’s a month or so late…but they love me! THEY REALLY REALLY LOVE ME! 🙂   I’m excited.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to just hang out with all my quirky friends, and this quirky girl needs it.  Food, and playing games….nothing high stress…just hanging out…<3 ❤  ❤

And that is my life as I know it …

*(cube change comes from one of my brother’s friends .. who decided back when I was little that my mind was cut up into little cubes…and POP one cube would pop into my brain, be there for like 10 seconds..and then POP another cube would pop in, seemingly having NOTHING to do with the other cube … and then POP another cube would pop in..and so and so forth …)

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