Posted by: purestjoy | January 28, 2010

And what would a post be without a song?

I have decided it’s my job to post songs that I like. You all probably know all of them anyways because you are so much cooler than I am.   But….I love this song.   I actually just ordered her CD so I am very excited about that.  In case you haven’t noticed, music has a way of reaching me.   😉 One of these days I”ll talk about Steven Curtis Chapman’s newest album…………..but that is for another day……..:) 🙂   This song (the one I’m posting) has some sad lyrics…but it is also has a fairly upbeat tune…which is kind of perfect. 

When Im at the point of breaking at the place where I resign,
And Im at the stage of shaking my head as I look back on my life,
When Im halfway through the grieving, but not quite through the ache,
When I cannot see the ending, Or which road Im supposed to take,
All i know to do is lift my hands to you..

Take all of my life, all of my life,
All I know to do is lift my hands to You.
And make something beautiful.
I open my hand, trusting Your plan.
Make something beautiful so all will see
Your work in me, as You make something beautiful

Verse 2:
When Im tired of pretending, and I cant recall my lines,
Do I say, Im barely breathing., or just say, Im doing fine.
I admit there is a yearning, for the hurting to subside,
But not at the risk of missing what Your doing with my life
All i know to do is lift my hands to you


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