Posted by: purestjoy | January 28, 2010

I am NOT one card short of a deck, thankyouverymuch!

On Saturday, my friends threw me a belated 30th Birthday Party. It was so much fun! I seriously have the best friends. I know you probably think you do, but I’m very sad to inform you that you do not. I do. 😉 It was held at my friend Julia’s house, and was pretty laid back….snacky foods and games. Bliss! 🙂 Also…I got stuff from my registry! HEHEHEHE. Yes. I had a registry. I called it “Katrina and Henry’s Beautiful Love”. Why did I have a registry you say? And who is this Henry? Well, it all stems from this summer. I occasionaly get on these rants. (I know. SHOCKING. ME RANT?!) My family and friends should really know not to listen to them. My rant this summer was how it was SO unfair that only the married peeps got to have registries. You go to any married woman’s house and see all their sweet kitchen stuff and ask where they got it, and the answer is always the same. “It was a wedding gift”. So not only do we unmarried women NOT get a hunk of a fellow, we also do NOT get the sweet kitchen things! I mean…REALLY. WHERE”S THE FARINESS IN THAT!? (or so my rant went..;) )

Fast forward to November when my dear sweet Julia informs me that she’s making me go register. I balked. Because I really did not want to…it seems rather selfish, when you get down to it. But she softened it with a get together with the girls…and it had been forever since we had gotten together with the girls….so I relented. As long as I got to call to call my fake husband “Henry”. I have a thing for the name Henry. It’s an adorable name. And my husband shall either be named Henry or let me call him Henry ….oh, and our first son will be named Henry. I’ve tried to get friends to name their babies Henry, but they won’t listen to me. Why they listen to my rant about registries and not my rant about how wonderful the name Henry is, I’ll never know.

So, yes I received several wonderful things from my registries. Like Stainless steel pots…bamboo cutting boards, beautiful wine glasses, etc! And last but no least….ALMOND JOYS! So many Almond Joys! I was told that you always have to put a candy bar on your registry, so I, of course, HAD to put Almond Joy … and everybody got me one. Happy Girl I am!! 🙂

I know…I’re probably thinking, “Why Almond Joy?” Actually, you’re probably not. But, here’s the story. I found out a name of a person was Almond… So I informed my pregnant friends that they really should name their baby Almond. And if they wanted to name it after me, it could be named “Almond Joy”. Curiously, none of them went for my brilliant idea. Go figure.

So anyways…that is one of the MANY reasons why I have the best friends. 🙂 And so far, despite my aching body and failing memory, I’m liking 30.



  1. Love the title! 🙂

  2. Well i had to defend myself somehow from your slanderous comments!

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