Posted by: purestjoy | February 24, 2010

BTW….(or how many times can I use the word EXCITED?? ;) )

So, have you ever had something happen, that even though you were quite excited about it, it just didn’t quite seem REAL?   As in it’s something that you’ve dreamed of for so long that it just doesn’t seem possible that it might actually be happening?  That surely someone is going to say, “HAHA! JUST KIDDING!”.

Well, that’s how I have felt for the past month. 🙂

It all started in talking with my roomie , whom I affectionately call Winifred.  Her family has been heading up a mission trip to India for the past two years, and is going again this May.  We talked about it, and I began to toy with the idea of going.  Her family approached me, and so I then began seriously considering it.   For me, the main “obstacle” was work.  The mission trip is a month long.  I work for a small company. But I also figured if God wanted me to go, then it wouldn’t be a problem and I would get the time off. (God’s majorly awesome like that..”His work, done in His time, will never lack His supplies”)

So I sent off text messages to friends to pray(without telling them exactly what to pray for..hah) and I prayed beforehand, and I asked my bosses.  I was completely blown away when they say “yes”.  (O me of little faith) The next thing was getting approved by the “board”.   I didn’t forsee any problems with that, but again, if God didn’t want me to go, He could put a stop to it, somehow someway.   But lo and behold, I got accepted.

So that brings me to now.  The now being me asking you to pray for me, and for our team. =D  We had our first team meeting on Saturday, and let me just say, I am VERY excited.   We have a wide gamut of ages (besides the parents on the team, I will be the oldest).  I am very excited to see just how God is going to use each one of us.   There are many things to pray for: the hearts of those who we will be reaching,  love and unity on the team (John 13:35), passport & visa would come through just fine,  financial provision (not only for getting over there, but for the time that I will be off work),  health, just to name a few. 🙂  Going overseas has long been a dream of mine, having been raised with worldview of a missionary kid father :), and I am so very excited that God has provided me with this opportunity.

So again, just in case you missed it,  I’M GOING TO INDIA FOR A MONTH! 😉

And that, my friends, is life as I know it………………:)



  1. Woohoo!

  2. When do you leave?

  3. Not that I want to get rid of you.

  4. I do.

  5. Erica, middle of May, Lord willing! 🙂

    Goober>> Gee….thanks! 😛

  6. How great! I’m so excited for you and what a wonderful opportunity! God works in mighty ways.

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