Posted by: purestjoy | February 27, 2010

“I’ve noticed that very few people are scary once they’ve been poked in the eye.”

I have discovered a place where it’s okay to go alone.  It’s called the Fine Arts World. It’s not really a place, but rather places where fine arts happen.  Or as I like to say, it’s where them cultured people go for a hoot! 😉

My boss had invited me to a concert that she partaking in tonight.  I had invited a couple people to go with, but both them were not able to.  So on one hand, I was sort of dreading going.   Going places alone has never been one of the great things in life that I enjoy.  For one thing, everybody seems to always have somebody and whenever everybody around you has somebody, that only seems to illuminate the fact that you don’t.  They are all talking and laughing with their little groups, and you are stuck there, with no one to talk to, no place to really look and you’re forced to pretend to text people, just so you don’t seem so pathetic. But on other hand, I really wanted to go to this concert tonight.  So I decided to buck it up, hold my head high, repeat to myself a mantra I had just taught myself, “I am not pathetic, I am empowered” (don’t ask me what that means because I’m quite certain I don’t know.  I was mainly focused on the “I’m not pathetic” part).  And so I went.

As I pulled into what I had assumed to be the parking lot, I saw a sole person walking in, and my heart felt a little bit lighter.  I wasn’t the only solitary soul here!  And after we both went to wrong door (which may or may not have been my fault, I will admit no blame), and I discovered that these them cultured folks do have a sense of humour, I began to hope.   When we finally made to the right door, and were ushered into the sanctuary, I began to feel totally at ease.  First, my boss’ husband greeted me with my ticket.  It’s always nice to see a friendly face!  But also, there were  a fair amount of solitary folks scattered about!  It was actually kind of liberating!  If you’ve never had to go places by yourself, you can’t imagine the relief. But for those of you who know the awkwardness that entails, you KNOW the relief I felt.  I wouldn’t be looked on pathetic, a person to be pitied, rather I was just one of the crowd.

It was a really delightful evening.  The music was great.   Two countertenors were fabulous, and the acoustics where we were, were astounding.   I felt very much at ease.

Well, of course, until the delightful lady right next to me, after it was all over, asked if I liked Baroque music. I then realized I was completely out of my element, as I smoothly said, “Uh….I like music?”  She was very nice and looked over my complete un-culturedness and invited me to another concert featuring baroque music.  Apparently, there’s this whole fine arts world out there.  I think I might have to start going to some of these things! 🙂

Well, after I find out exactly what baroque music is.



  1. If it isn’t baroque, don’t fix it.

    – line from Beauty and the Beast

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