Posted by: purestjoy | April 9, 2010

I think I have finally figured out the majority of my problem.  I love living simply.  When I’m somewhere where there isn’t a lot of “stuff”, I myself stay organized and my mind is clearer.   BUT .. herein lies my conundrum.   1) i have a lot of STUFF.  2)  I feel guilty getting rid of STUFF because of…, If I can someday use what I already have, why get rid of it now?  But I have no ROOM to store it thus leads to chaos.

I think the lesson I’m learning this week is that the sanity and organization of my mind will be worth scouring Goodwill for it, if I need it later.



  1. I agree! Living free of unnecessary stuff is soooo freeing and somehow just makes are brains clearer to get things done! I find it freeing to not have lots of unnecessary stuff while travelling, like in India. So far, I feel like I got at least twice the space I’ve ever had in this room once I moved out, and tried not to bring unnecessary stuff, so I think I’ve not yet accumulated more than I have room for, but I could definitely work on keeping it more organized!

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