Posted by: purestjoy | April 13, 2010

Hey Mom! Watch this!

So I’m housesitting this week.  It’s a new house, a friend of a friend.

This afternoon I was taking a delightful nap upstairs, when all of a sudden I hear mens’ voices.  I completely freaked out, thinking that they were guys on the porch.  But then I realized all three German Shepherds were just chilling on their beds and that led me to the logical conclusion, it was the TV.  So I stumbled downstairs and sure enough the TV was on, with the Masters playing.

I decided to ahead and leave the TV on because maybe they had it on a timer, and were recording something so I didn’t want to turn it off. But I am not a huge golf fan.  Well, I’m not a golf fan. period. hah 😉   SO I turned it to a different channel, knowing from previous housesitting jobs that sometimes the TV just merely needs to be on, not necessarily on the channel.   I had that on for maybe 5 minutes, when I get a facebook message from the owner, explaining that they can watch digital tv from their computer using their box here. So they can turn on the TV all the way from overseas!   So they were wanting to watch the Masters tonight so not to freak out if the TV was on, they were just recording it so they could watch it later tonight.

Boy are they going to be in a shock when they turn on the Masters and then for 5 minutes “Super Skinny Me” comes on! HAHAHAHAHAHA.



  1. Great Practical Joke!!!

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