Posted by: purestjoy | June 14, 2010

“We were meant to shine, not just survive”

I haven’t been this content and happy in a long while.   God is so good!

I’m not one who can process things quickly, especially things that have deeply affected me.  I find I don’t have the right words or sometimes I don’t even know how they affected me so I can’t adequately relay how they have.  But the trip was an awesome trip, and just like everybody said it would be, life-changing.   Maybe one of these days I will be able to write about it enough to do it a smidgen of justice.  Until then bear with my little smatterings of thought as I try to capture things….:)

I felt like I was stepping into a photograph, but with sounds and smells to follow along with.  I never really felt like I had culture shock going over there.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’d heard a lot about from Nirm, and seen lots of pictures.  But it all felt really normal to me. 🙂   I did have some jet-lag when we arrived, but I think that was more due to not sleeping for basically 3 days.  hah.  I got four hours of sleep the night before I left, didn’t really sleep too much on the plane, and then the night we arrived, I only got four hours.  Needless to say, I was TIRED and honestly, I think I just needed to get caught up on sleep more than jet-lag.

Our team got along GREAT, which was a huge relief to me.  My sense of humor can be kind of wacky and not everyone always gets it.  And I tend not to do too well in groups of people that I don’t know very well.   But by the second week in, they all were like family to me.  It was great to feel that comfortable around them.  I find that if you can truly laugh with someone, if someone truly “gets” you….it’s easier to have serious conversations with them.  I shouldn’t say just serious, but heartfelt conversations.  You can have serious conversations with people, without digging any deeper than the skin. But heartfelt conversations, now that’s a different story.  Maybe it’s because I tend to mix the serious with laughter, and if I make a joke in the midst of a heartfelt conversation and the other person doesn’t laugh, I feel like we’re not really connecting.  Hmm….Okay, I just got waaaay too introspective there.   Hah!

Ah well.   Today was my first day back at work in the “real” world.  It went really well.  It felt pretty good to be back.   Did I mention that I cried when I left work back in May?  Who cries when they leave work for a vacation?   Apparently, I do!   But it’s just a testament to how great of a place I work for!  My bosses cried too, for the record.   Of course, I also cried when I left India.  It was hard to come back.  But it also feels good to be back with friends and family.  How can one have so many seemingly contradicting feelings? 🙂


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