Posted by: purestjoy | June 28, 2010

I think ever since I have gotten back from India I have managed to see people & have fun almost every single day.  By having fun I mean having coffee and/or tea, along with and/or playing games.  It’s been fantastic. I still have people to see and talk to, so prepare yourselves (yeah, I’m looking at you) Apparently I am more social than I thought.  hah! 😉

I  do think it’s that whole “….perfect love casts out fear…”. I know you want  me to shut up on the matter.  But really it affects all areas of life. It allows freedom, and that I think is a little taste of heaven.    I recently wrote somewhere how I think heaven is going to be like one big family gathering….there’s no sin there, so there’s no self-consciousness, no personal barriers…we’re all just free, not burdened down with our own sin which allows us to be truly free and we can converse freely with others,  and interact without all the baggage of our sin.  I can’t wait…what about you?? 🙂


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