Posted by: purestjoy | June 30, 2010

Confession:  I am a stalker.  I really truly am.  I think maybe it runs in our blood. (Remember Cora and the neighbor???)   I realized this tonight when I was going through friends of friends on facebook today and getting all excited over the people there.  People I hadn’t thought of in FOREVER. It seriously was so kewl.  Even though I couldn’t see some of  their profiles, I could at least tell some of them were married, had kids, etc..etc… Sometimes it seems as though Oregon was a lifetime ago, and okay, it probably was.   And I know the majority of the people that I get excited over seeing wouldn’t remember me, or even care…but still! Seeing who graduated (and in what year…or at least I was trying to figure that out) from good ol’ Damascus Christian.  Some people look exactly what they used to look like, while others have changed.   It made this little stalker’s heart so happy.  

Speaking of Oregon, thanks to “America’s Got Talent” my friends here in Indiana think Portland is full of a bunch of loonies.  They said they understood me better now.  What does THAT mean? 

Also….why are Bollywood movies so long?  I really want to watch one tonight, but they are all like three hours!


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